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   ● Hennie Barnard
   ● Adélle Coetzee

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The Position of Kempbisa in the Christian Community

In order to keep up with the changing demands and requirements from the Body of Christ, a recent Exco meeting produced a new direction for this organisation.

Major Shifts: 

From an organisation that actively takes the lead in organising interdenominational prayer / fellowship / worship events for Christians of all ages...

to an organisation that supports local churches, ministries and individuals by providing a platform from which to launch interdenominational prayer / fellowship and worship events for Christians of all ages.


Our focus remains unchanged, we still promote church unity and focus on similarities rather than differences amongst the different parts in the Body of Christ.

When can we help you?

When you receive a burden / instruction from God to do something wider than your ministry or local church, and you need this project / event to have an interdenominational flavor, we are here for you. You need however to have your pastor / church leader‘s blessing to do it under Kempbisa‘s banner.


The project or event should align with Kempbisa’s focus, viz. church unity.

What do we offer? 

·            Use of the Kempbisa name, if needed

·            Drawing on our experience in putting events together

·            Using Kempbisa's list of contacts in education, government and media

·            Having access to our database of churches and leaders

·            Using our e-mail  and bulk sms system

·            Marketing and networking ideas

·            Using Kempbisa's formal links with international ministries

What don’t we offer?

·              Project management and manpower to physically execute the project.

·              Financial assistance or sponsorship


What will this cost you?

Kempbisa is an NPO and all our service are provided free of charge

I want to use Kempbisa but how?

Contact Adélle at the office on 011 393 3120 or 082 344 6068 for telephonic assistance, or make an appointment with the chairman, Hennie Barnard for a meeting to discuss your unique requirements.